Get to know me

April 4, 2020

Hey hey hey. I hope you’re all keeping safe right now. I’m as nosy as anything and love reading these so I thought that it was probably about time that you met the girl behind the camera. (My first attempt at taking self-portraits, I’ll be remaining BEHIND the camera from now on).

I’m Sophie, I’m 23 and from York. I’d love to tell you that I was practically born with a camera in my hand like most photographers say, but I wasn’t, and I like that it hasn’t always been a part of my story. I tried out a lot of different things, had some amazing experiences and life lessons and eventually I found photography when I needed it the most and I haven’t looked back ever since.

I love true crime documentaries and shows – (my current binge favourites are The Outsider, Better Call Saul and FRIENDS). Could I BE any more typical?? – Chandler is the best, don’t argue with me on this one. 

My favourite place on Earth is Whitby. We go on a staycation there every year ⚓️ there’s just something about the sea that calms me. Me and my family were always the group huddled on a beach-side bench with some fish and chips in January. 

My parents are nurses, and my sister is training to be a paramedic – hence why I give NHS discount. My parents are some of the hardest working people I have ever met, and so I will always do my best to accommodate to NHS staffs budget, you guys deserve it 💛

I’m a dog lover, Libra and if I could recommend any drink, it would be the Digestive Biscuit Yorkshire Tea – honestly nuts. (Shoot me a message and hell yes I’ll bring some to our pre-wedding meet up). 

I love getting to know my couples and telling your stories, hopefully you enjoyed peeking into mine! ✨