Engagement Shoot Tips

March 12, 2020

Should you be having an engagement shoot with me, I wanted to offer some little tips and tricks to having a successful and care-free shoot. I know that it can feel daunting having a camera in front of you, but it doesn’t have to be.

I’m very relaxed and chatty, and I want my shoots to feel like that too. These photographs are for YOU, and I want to make you feel completely at ease. Don’t panic and worry about thinking of poses, leave that to me, I use a lot of movement and prompts so that you both aren’t stood there feeling awkward, I can promise it won’t feel like a school photo. If you’re a Pinterest binger like me and you have poses that you want to try then by all means show me and let’s do it, but I don’t want you to worry about this. We’ll walk, and laugh and talk and I promise you’ll be very happy with the results.

What to wear?

The most important thing for me is that you choose an outfit that you feel good in and comfortable. There’s no point wearing something that you feel self conscious in, I want you to feel relaxed and empowered. Wear outfits that suit you and your style, I want to capture an authentic version of you both as a couple. Between you, choose a style and look that you want out of your photographs so that your images will tie together and complement each other. It’s also a good idea to bear in mind the location. If it’s a beach shoot, perhaps a boho style loose dress, bare feet and hair down. If you’re on a farm, hell yes we can rock the wellies look. (The more animals, the better as far as I’m concerned). Maybe you have a quirky vintage location, for example an old York street and you want to wear a 50’s style dress, let’s go for it. Making an effort makes all the difference. Even bringing perhaps a relaxed outfit, and a more dressed up one, the time is yours and I want to get as much out of it for you as I can. The reason that I now offer complimentary engagement shoots as part of your package is because it gives us the perfect chance to get to know each other so that you feel more at ease on your wedding day, it also gives us extra time to go over the finer details of your wedding day, and it also lets me get an insight into what kind of couple you are; whether that be silly, fun, adventurous, or introverted etc which will help with my direction on your special day.

Where to shoot?

Choosing a location can make your shoot really amazing. I always recommend that it’s somewhere that means something to the two of you (as great as an instagram location is) – maybe it’s somewhere you like to walk the dog that has pretty views, maybe it’s the beach that he proposed on, a pretty town where you had your first museum date etc. It’s also a benefit if your location has a variety of backdrops that we can experiment with for different photograph opportunities. Some couples like to shoot engagement shoots at their venue, I’m more than happy to do this however all I’d say is that sometimes it’s nice to save photographs of you both in that location for your day, so that it feels more powerful to you.


Whilst most engagement shoots take place in the spring or summer, there’s no right time to shoot this. It’s when it suits you both as a couple. My preference is spring and summer as I’m a sucker for blossom and flowers, however this is YOUR shoot. If you’re all about crunchy leaves and oversized jumpers then I’m all for it.

My favourite time of day to shoot is ‘golden hour’, a couple of hours before sunset when the light is gold and pretty. Of course this isn’t a necessity, but if you’re happy to shoot then, you won’t regret it.

I hope this helped and I’m so excited to shoot you. Once your online password protected gallery is up, you then also get to choose your favourite image and it will be sent to you as a hand-deckled print in a gorgeous birch frame for you to treasure forever.

I hope you love it!
Sophie x