Bridal Preparation Tips

March 12, 2020

We have met over coffee (and probably cake), we’ve created a wedding timeline together, we’ve had our engagement shoot and we are good to go. What little things can you do to enhance your photographs even more?

Bridal (and groom) preparation is one of my favourite things to shoot. It’s natural and intimate. It’s you getting ready surrounded by your loved ones and I love capturing those genuine moments of anticipation, excitement and love.

Hair & Makeup

Whilst you’re having your hair and makeup done, position yourself in front of a window, and by your mirror. This ensures that not only will the light be super flattering for photographs, but the mirror will also provide lots of beautiful photograph opportunities. (I’m a lover for a mirror shot). The natural light will also be really helpful for your makeup artist so it’s a win win for everyone. If you also don’t want photographs taken before your makeup is on, that is absolutely fine. I’m a woman and I understand, I’m here for you and bridal portraits can wait until the lipstick is applied! In that time instead, I can photograph detail shots.

The Room

If you’re getting ready in a hotel, please make sure that the room is big enough to fit everyone comfortably. If you’re getting ready at home, please try and clear any clutter in the room that you’re getting ready in. I know it’s the last thing that you’re thinking about before a wedding but it truly does make all the difference.


Little details do not go amiss. If you and your bridesmaids are all getting ready at home, why not get some lovely matching dressing gowns – this makes for really sweet group shots and no one has to worry about their worn pyjamas (I speak for myself here). Wooden coat hangers will also enhance your dress photographs even more (they’re even available at Primark – can you tell I’m a bargain hunter?) and it will look so much more timeless than a plastic one. I’m also happy to pick you one up, as I said I consider myself completely here to help. By having your dress hanging up for me, beside your shoes, sentimental jewellery, invitations and your favourite perfume, it will make for the detail shots that we all love. Simple things make such a difference.

Bridal Portraits

During the morning, it’s the perfect time to shoot some bridesmaid and bridal portraits as a bonus to the group shots, and portrait shoots later on in the evening. If you are able to make time, you can have some really fun and relaxed bridal shoots away from the crowd with you and your bride tribe.

Parents First Look

Have someone forewarn you when your Mum/Dad have arrived, and make it into a real ‘first look’ where they get to see you in your dress for the first time, which always creates such beautiful moments.


Finally, I don’t want you to be self-conscious. By now I hope that you feel comfortable with me, I consider myself to be an extended member of the bridal party, and it’s my job to give you stunning images so do not panic at all. I’m here to capture the emotions of the day, and I promise I will do that.

I hope this helps!
Sophie x