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Hello there, I’m Sophie – a photographer based between York and Birmingham, specialising in capturing beautiful portraits, and candid genuine wedding memories, with a romantic and vintage feel.

From the moment that you hire me, I am more than a photographer. I am fully here for any wedding advice (I’ve seen my fair share of weddings), I’ll be the first person to help carry your dress from location to location, and always on hand to help ensure that your day runs smoothly. I like to consider myself as an extended member of the bridal party, here to help the happy couple with any needs. 

I provide you with crafted images that are tailored to you, telling your story in an honest, and connected way. No awkward ‘smile and wave’ for the camera, but real, genuine connections captured to last forever, through a relaxed and natural shoot. From dainty and honest bridal preparations, to the big fun group shots, to my WOW factor couple sessions, I aim to give you the full package of your day.